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Each CBD capsule contains 15 mg cannabidiol (CBD). The oil inside is not pure CBD, but rather a full spectrum oil. This means that there is a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each compound has therapeutic properties of their own, and together they create what’s called the entourage effect. In terms of cannabis, thousands of natural compounds within the plant interact together with the human body. They interact within a system called the endocannabinoid system. The coconut oil within the capsule aids the body absorb the cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Will I get high?

Don’t worry about getting “high” when you take these CBD capsules. Although there are other cannabinoids present, like CBN, THCV, THC, CBC etc, they are in very trace amounts. The dominant cannabinoid is, by far, CBD. Remember that CBD, although non-psychoactive, does certainly have an “effect”. That effect is a sense of calm, tranquility and relaxation.

Is it the same for everyone?

Absorption can vary depending on when you ate last, and the composition of your diet. This can lead to variability in the experience from day to day. For more consistent results, try to take the capsules at the same time and under the same circumstances each day. Start with one capsule, and wait up to 90 minutes for it to take effect. If you feel like you need more, take more. Smaller doses of CBD may boost energy levels, while large doses may induce tiredness.

What are the uses of CBD?

CBD is a great alternative health option for a wide variety of health issues. For example, CBD can help treat anxiety, nausea, arthritis, nerve and muscle issues, multiple sclerosis and other spasticity disorders. Other ailments it can help treat include epilepsy, drug withdrawal, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, and high blood pressure.