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Full Spectrum Capsules are a great option for the cannabis user who doesn’t want to smoke or vape, but also doesn’t want to consume a wide array of candies, chocolate and baked goods in order to medicate. Each of these Full Spectrum Capsules contain 20mg THC. This dose is excellent for the novice user or for those who prefer low dose THC. The full spectrum cannabis oil is mixed with MCT oil (concentrated coconut oil), which aids the body in absorbing THC into the bloodstream.

Keep these capsules refrigerated. The coconut oil will become hard, however not to worry! That is normal and perfectly fine. Make sure to keep this medication away from children and pets. Capsule may contain traces of animal-derived products such as gelatine.

Full spectrum oil means this capsule contains all cannabinoids extracted, not just THC, like our distillate capsules. Some users find they have a more efficient medicinal experience when extracts are full spectrum – the entourage effect of the cannabinoids working in harmony often brings a more well-rounded effect.

1 review for THC Capsules | 20 mg | Full Spectrum

  1. tara

    25mg is my favourite dose. So good for stacking or taking one at a time. Full spectrum hits me so right.

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