Blue Dream Vape Pen Cartridge by Van City Extracts

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These super convenient cartridges are the perfect way to take your meds on the road with you, whether you're on a nature walk or taking a break from the office these pens will do the job in as discreet a way as possible - they're also produced using distillate instead of shatter which means that these cartridges take care of your lungs too. By using Organic Terpenes and Distillate the producers are able to craft different flavours and effects - terpenes are volatile compounds in the cannabis plant that combine with other chemicals and compounds to deliver the effects that certain strains produce when smoked. This batch has been produced with a Blue Dream terpene profile that offers great mood elevation and creativity which is great for aiding in depression, making art or adventuring outside!

Comes with 1 cartridge, enjoy!



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