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Cannabis infused topicals are another example of how new modes of consumption are revolutionizing perceptions of marijuana. Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, lubricants and oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation.

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    Weekend Variety Pack

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    can't decide what you want? we got you covered with the canmedi weekend variety pack. You'll get a hand-picked selection of our finest flowers, concentrates and edibles that will add a dose of dopeness to your weekend. In this pack you can expect to receive 5 grams of indica flower, 5 grams of sativa flower, 0.5g indica concentrate, 0.5g sativa concentrate, 3 pre rolled doobies to smoke as well as an edible that is guaranteed to be at least 150mg in strength. 5 grams indica flower 5 grams sativa flower 0.5g indica shatter 0.5g sativa shatter 3 pre-rolled joints 1 edible > 150mg THC trust us, you'll like this
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    Unwind by OMNI

    Enjoy calming effects that will soothe anxiety and promote a restful sleep. Roll on temples, pulse points and the bottom of the feet. Highest potency and precision, every time. 80mg THC Organic Ingredients: sweet almond oil, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, myrtle, chamomile
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    Orgasm Oil by OMNI

    OMNI's Orgasm Oil is one of the only lubricants on the market that is condom friendly. It’s main ingredient is castor oil, making it very moisturizing and gentle on the skin. It contains aromatic notes of lavender and ylang ylang with traces of ginger and peppermint. The ginger and peppermint stimulate blood flow; the warming from the ginger and the cooling from the peppermint result in pleasurable tingling sensations, bringing blood flow to the surface for heightened sensitivity. This lube promotes more intense orgasms for women while prolonging male performance and intensifying the experience for all parties.
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    Mint Relief by OMNI

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    Melt: Bath Salts by OMNI

    Melt Bath Salts (250ml/100mg THC) These infused bath salts are the perfect addition to any bath. Whether it be to soothe sore muscles or relax after a long day Melt Bath Salts will leave you feeling relaxed and serene. OMNI's "Melt" uses a combination of Epsom & Pink Himalayan Salts which together help to ease pain and inflammation, relax and detoxify, while infusing the body with healing minerals. The soothing properties of powdered coconut milk rehydrates and softens skin, the calming essence of lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile culminate this truly luxurious experience.