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Is CBD Safe to Consume When You’re on Medication?

We’ve been told time and time again by doctors and pharmacists not to mix prescription medication with alcohol. Why? Because alcohol can severely counteract the effects of other drugs and create possibly fatal outcomes. Can the same thing happen when you consume a CBD...

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How to Sober Up From a Cannabis High

If you have somewhere to be or just aren’t looking forward to the fall of your intense cannabis high, then here are several ways you can get sober in a pinch. End the Smoking Session This is the first step to sobering up for the night. Not smoking will halt the...

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How Long Does the High Last?

Every person determined to get ‘high’ while consuming marijuana has asked this question at some point: how long will my high last? Unfortunately, the answer is a bit more complicated than you’d think. Several factors will determine how long your high will last but...

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