With Bill C-45 on the horizon, it’s time to talk about how legalizing marijuana across Canada will benefit the youth of our society.

One of the main objectives of the proposed Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) is to protect youth from cannabis-related harm. Interestingly enough, the same argument is made to keep cannabis illegal. Critics state that legalizing cannabis will make it more available for the youth of our society. But, that simply doesn’t check out.

As most people know, prohibition doesn’t work. If we’ve learned anything from the prohibition era of the speakeasy, it should be that. You can buy weed from drug dealers or grow your own in your backyard (note: this article is not condoning either of those or any other illegal activities. We’re just saying it happens.)

If you’re above nineteen, you can purchase cannabis (legally) from our site, too.

Where prohibition has failed in keeping cannabis out of the publics paws, it has succeeded in making cannabis stronger. Not regulating a drug of any sort opens up the opportunity for the drug to be bred or cultivated in a manner that increases potency. Age restrictions and dosing controls are non-existent in prohibition, yet the drugs are still available. Legalizing cannabis will allow more control over hyped-up conservative safety concerns. Without legal channels, imports and exports fall to shady business tactics, causing a domino crime effect, too.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and our society. The arguments in favour of keeping cannabis illegal are antiquated at best and dangerous at worst. Legalize cannabis, for the sake of the children.