If you have somewhere to be or just aren’t looking forward to the fall of your intense cannabis high, then here are several ways you can get sober in a pinch.

End the Smoking Session

This is the first step to sobering up for the night. Not smoking will halt the addition of THC into your bloodstream and allow your high to slowly decline. Once this step is complete, you’re ready to move onto the many other methods used to get sober.


As it’s non-psychoactive, CBD will work to counteract the effects of THC, without leaving you with any harsh side effects. Whether you smoke it or use a tincture, this is a good trick that will come in handy.

Sleep it Off

While you sleep, your body releases hormones that work to restore your system. During a nap or a full night’s rest, you won’t experience heavy THC fallout. Try to sleep for about 30 minutes, and you should wake up more sober and alert.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Drink a lot of water to rehydrate your body and help flush the cannabinoids from your system. Or try a sports drink to refill your body with electrolytes. Accompany this with a meal and you’ll be on your way to sobering up in no time. Foods high in fatty acids will speed up your metabolize while your stomach pulls blood from your brain to help with digestion.

Take a Shower

While taking a nice, cold shower might seem like the best option to wake up your body, it’s not. Hot showers will help to increase your body’s blood flow, removing the cannabinoids from your bloodstream more quickly. For a more rapid experience, alternate between hot and cold temperatures to lower your heart rate, decrease your body temperature and preserve oxygen.

Sniff Essential Oils

While not scientifically proven, more than one account has claimed that taking a deep inhale of essential oil will bring you back down to earth in no time. Citrus scents have been described as being the most effective.

Ingest Black Pepper

The terpenes present in black pepper work to reduce anxiety and stress when ingested or sniffed. Suck on a pinch of pepper for a minute or two, or chew on peppercorns if you have any around.

Eat Lemons

Lemons contain a powerful terpene called limonene, which is a highly effective calming agent. The combination of limonene with the fruit’s citric acid and lemony scent will counteract the THC effects. Just suck on a lemon or down a mouthful of juice to reduce your high. Add in some black pepper if you want to sober up quickly.

Do Breathing Exercises

Focus on your breathing, whether it’s through a meditation practice or just taking a few deep breaths, holding each one to a count of four before releasing it. Breathing will help with your blood circulation, moving the cannabinoids from your system while also providing your brain with more oxygen to calm down.

Wait Out the High

Sometimes waiting for the high to end naturally is better than trying several different methods that could raise your anxiety. Try whichever journey you find most appealing to lower your high, and if it works for you then stick with it.

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