Like smoking your flower indoors, but not a fan of the smell? Whether you have conservative neighbours, nosy landlords, or a hotboxed company car, we’ve got solutions for you.

Here are the top five best ways to combat smell, tried and tested by yours truly.

The patchouli method

Give thanks to the hippie Gods and burn some patchouli incense. It also comes in an oil you can dab on yourself. You’ll smell like you just stepped out of Woodstock but the smell (unsurprisingly) blends with marijuana, covering the scent.

Nag Champa for those who hate patchouli

Nag Champa can be burned in lieu of patchouli, for those patchouli haters out there. Commonly burned in ashrams, it’s a combination of frangipani (plumeria) and sandalwood. It does wonders to mask the scent of cannabis and you’re left with a fragrant home.

Don’t smell in the first place

Use a doob-tube or ‘sploof’ to mask the smell. You can make one out of household items.


  • Toilet paper or paper towel tube
  •  Dryer sheets
  • Rubber band
  • This kush

Stuff a few dryer sheets into your paper towel tube, saving one to attach to the end of the tube with your rubber band. Blow your smoke through the tube. It won’t completely cover the smell but it helps.

Invest in some Ozium

Ozium was originally created to combat airborne bacteria in hospitals. It’s the Michael Jordan of air fresheners, plus you can buy it on Amazon. You don’t even have to leave your smoke-filled apartment to get it.

Shower Smokes

Smoking in the shower (or if you’re from the nineties a “Hawaiian Hotbox”) can also aid in covering up unwanted smoke-scents. The steam from the shower helps dissipate the smoke produced, but make sure your bathroom fan is turned on. A towel underneath the door helps, too.

Of course, there are other, more advanced ways to combat this problem which we will happily provide you with.

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