It’s no secret that prescribing Opioids to manage pain can (and does) lead to addiction.

According to a 2017 study, an overwhelming amount of people treating chronic pain reported a preference for cannabis over opioids in terms of pain management treatment.

HelloMD and the University of California Berkeley employed researchers to collect data from almost 3,000 medical cannabis patients. The patients were also prescribed opioid-based pain medication, with 34% of the subjects reporting using opioids within 6 months of the study. The results were overwhelmingly cannabis-positive.

“Ninety-seven percent of the sample “strongly agreed/agreed” that they are able to decrease the amount of opiates they consume when they also use cannabis, and 81% “strongly agreed/agreed” that taking cannabis by itself was more effective at treating their condition than taking cannabis with opioids.” Cannabis as a Substitute for Opioid-Based Pain Medication: Patient Self-Report Amanda Reiman, Mark Welty, and Perry Solomon

The results of the study had subjects reporting that they experienced the same amount of pain relief from cannabis as other drugs, but without the unwanted side effects. The chance of dependence and addiction is greatly diminished, as well as the chance for a fatal overdose. Cannabis triumphs with basic home pain medications like acetaminophen (the main ingredient in Tylenol) as well. It has been proven that prolonged use or overuse of acetaminophen can lead to liver damage. While smoking cannabis may lead to lung damage, there are alternative options for ingesting marijuana. Check out our edible section here.

The curative benefits of marijuana are widely recognized, with studies like this bringing us closer every day to dismantling the damage caused by overprescribing prescription pain medication.

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