It looks like Trudeau’s plan to legalize cannabis by the summer will stay on course.

The Canadian Senate passed the second reading of Bill C-45 despite Conservative efforts to torpedo the legalization of marijuana. Last Thursday, the vote ended with a tight margin of 44-29 in favour.

The bill is now headed to committee, where it is expected to suffer further criticisms from Conservative senators.

Bill C-45 is also known as The Cannabis Act. It was introduced to Canadian Parliament in 2017 as part of Trudeau’s political platform. The intention behind the bill is to legalize cannabis nationwide. If the bill passes, Canadian cannabis prohibition will be over.

“Prohibition has failed. Canada has one of the highest rates of cannabis consumption in the world, and a significant number of our citizens are consuming products grown illegally, without any controls or oversight,” states Neil Closner, chairman of the Cannabis Canada Board. “Today’s vote is one step closer toward the creation of a regulated adult consumer use system that keeps cannabis away from kids and profits away from organized crime.”

The deadline for Bill C-45 is June 7th, where we will have a definitive answer to the status of recreational cannabis use in Canada.

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