Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

The legalization of cannabis opens the prospect of using the marijuana plant extracts in a number of amazing ways. It has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments, from the times of the ancient Egyptians to later down the centuries in Greece, India and China....

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Your Guide to Sleep & Cannabis

Cannabis: one of the worlds oldest sleep aids It's popular knowledge that cannabis can make you sleepy. Long used by insomniacs to medicate sleeping problems, marijuana is natures way of tucking you in. While this is no surprise to frequent users, there are still some...

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How To Make Cannabutter

Cannabutter: The best recipe the internet has to offer for your cannabis-infused-butter needs Our team polled the internet and other industry professionals for the best cannabutter recipe available. What we landed on was a simple yet effective way to infuse your...

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Cannabis vs Opioids: Pain Patients Weigh In

It's no secret that prescribing Opioids to manage pain can (and does) lead to addiction. According to a 2017 study, an overwhelming amount of people treating chronic pain reported a preference for cannabis over opioids in terms of pain management treatment. HelloMD...

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Your Guide on Cannabis For Your Pet

More and more people are turning to cannabis as an alternative medicine. CBD is used regularly for anxiety and pain, indica strains for insomnia, and sativa for creative inspiration. These are all great for you, but what about your dog who also has anxiety or...

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