CANMEDi vs. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello friends! Just like pretty much everyone on the planet right now, we’re keeping a very close eye on COVID-19, Coronavirus. We want to  inform you on the precautions we are taking on our end.

1. Canmedi staff always wear gloves while selecting your nugs and picking out your order. We have always taken this seriously, but as a result of current events we wanted to ensure you were aware of this.

2. Canmedi staff wash their hands regularly, but now we have added alcohol sanitation gel before and after packing up orders.

3. Canmedi staff will be wearing masks while selecting your nugs and picking out the rest of your order. This is a new practice we started when COVID-19 was confirmed to have spread to British Columbia. We will continue to do this until further notice.

With these precautions, your order will be as clean and safe as we can possibly provide. However, when we deliver the packages with Canada Post, we are no longer in control of the hygienic practices. We suggest when your package arrives, you open it, take out the contents, and throw away the packaging and envelope immediately. Finally, give your hands a full 20 second wash, and you will be ready to go!!

We hope everyone is safe and healthy in these turbulent times. We will continue to keep ourselves sanitary and safe so we can continue to serve you!


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