CANMEDi OZ. DEAL – $200/oz – Shiskaberry

$350.00 $200.00

Shiskaberry by Canmedi Private Reserve × 28

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Strain: Shiskaberry by Private Reserve

The killer ounce deal from CANMEDi; you can’t get a deal much better than this, when purchased as a full ounce this $12/g strain is available for $7/g!. This is top shelf, exotic stuff, and this particularly stinky west coast special has its lineage in Afghani and Blueberry. Combined they spawned Shiskaberry, a fruity but relaxing indica-dominant hybrid.

Excellent flavour comes with this extreme sticky icky, and a strong, relaxed and balanced high. Users are lifted into a euphoric buzz when consumed, which slowly eases into a relaxing body stone.


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